About Us

About Us


Harrika’s in Turkish means wonderful. We want to thank all hausers for making our shop such a unique experience over the past 11 years. Since opening on October 25, 2007; we have experienced so many successes including being nominated as a Top 100 Beer Bar 2012, 2013 by Draft Magazine. This was an  amazing feat, since after all that award goes to big city bars. We also won Urquell Pilsner’s Freshest Beer Bar Award and received a keg straight from the port in Wilmington brewed only days before in the Czech Republic.

Erika & Harry

The Future of Harrika’s

We have spent 10 years making Harrika’s the most unique place for families, friends & beer lovers. Our next adventure is to take Harrika’s on an adventure through BLOGGING & transitioning to a E-Commerce shopping experience. Cheers to our new adventure & for 11 years of your support & love. Harry & Erika.
2013: Stones Most Bitter Beer Bar in North Carolina
2014: Urquell Pilsner’s Freshest Beer Bar Nominee
2012 & 2013: Draft Magazine’s Top 100 Beer Bars in America
2008: Featured in NC Coast’s “It’s Craft” article
2017: Featured in Jacksonville News